The Gladiator and the Slave 2 Aubrey Watt


Published: August 29th 2012



The Gladiator and the Slave 2  by  Aubrey Watt

The Gladiator and the Slave 2 by Aubrey Watt
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Marcus let himself relax on the silk cushions of the bed. It was so soft, so unlike the rough straw pallets that he normally made do with back at the slave quarters. When he was free, he thought, he would have a bed just like this, a bed that he would be able to lie in during the morning without having to wake for duty, a bed that he could lounge in for hours while reading or dreaming or making love…A noise at the door interrupted his thoughts.“I don’t need--” Marcus began to say, but cut himself off once he saw who was at the door.Kapua stood in front of him, his blue eyes shining with obvious desire.

Marcus’s gaze drifted over the young man’s body, half-naked and clothed in a bright tunic. He had been cleaned and shaved, and now stood regally in this new attire, his posture straight and his head lifted. Every aspect of him looked changed.“Kapua,” Marcus whispered, agog at the transformation.“You are asleep?” Kapua asked softly.

“I do not wish to wake you.”“No,” Marcus said, his mind suddenly alert. Looking down, he noticed that his body had become suddenly alert as well, and he bent his knee to hide the evidence of his arousal.“Come in, please, and close the curtain behind you,” Marcus said. Kapua did as he asked, drawing the heavy fabric closed in the doorway. Marcus inhaled as he watched his muscles tense and relax with the motion, the lines of his body rippling. As Kapua drew closer to the bed, Marcus reached out and touched his arm. There was a dark red line where a sword had scratched him during the fight, the skin already beginning to heal over.“Does it hurt?” Marcus asked.

Kapua just shrugged and sat down on the bed. Marcus’s heart was pounding, and he could not believe how casually the other man draped his arm now on top of Marcus’s leg, stroking his upper thigh.As Kapua slipped a finger into the waistline of Marcus’s trousers, though, Marcus stopped him. Kapua looked up quizzically.“Do you not want this again?” he asked, in a voice that was all innocence. Marcus did not know how to respond. Yes, yes, he thought, I want this again. But I want more, so much more…

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